Belgium BANS mobile phone use by children 7 and under, citing radiation risks, reports ‘Casualty Catastrophy: Cell Phones and Child Brains’



Belgium Public Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx has banned the sales of mobile phones to young children emphasizing the radiation risk is much greater for children than for adults. Advertisements to children are also banned, a stark contrast from the United States where the free market remains wide open to propagate cellular phones to children.

Disney Mobile markets the importance of tethering children to their families via the invisible carcinogenic web of cellular devices failing to mention any health risks.

Meanwhile, Russia Today continues to consistently share science, facts and truth-seeking journalism showing that it is already understood that the next “casualty catastrophe” worse than tobacco is the damage being caused from cell phones – in particular on children.


We don’t need fossil fuels to run our motors!


The perceived reliance on fossil fuels is a monumental fraud. There never was a need for our cars, trucks and motor bikes to fart around town on dinosaur remains.

The pioneers of the first horseless carriages understood this principle. Ford and Diesel brainstormed and built the most adaptable motors possible. Their revolutionary machines were designed with farmers in mind, enabling the fuel to be grown on the land. German inventor Rudolf Diesel understood the importance of designing an engine that could run a variety of fuels. Diesel “made certain that motor-power can still be produced from the heat of the sun, which is always available for agricultural purposes, even when all our natural stores of solid and liquid fuels are exhausted.” The first Diesel engine ran on peanut oil! All diesel engines are capable of running on fresh vegetable oil (SVO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO).


What we know as diesel fuel today is actually a byproduct of the petroleum industry, propagated to the masses five years after Diesel was found floating in the English channel after he went missing on his way to discuss selling engines to be used in British submarines.

There are infinite ways to power an engine:

According to Popular Mechanics Henry Ford’s first Model Ts originally were powered by hemp oil and the panels were made with hemp plastic. In 1941 Henry Ford debuted a hemp car made of 70% hemp plastic and the car ran on hempseed oil – and get this – it proved to be 10x more resilient than steel. A guy beats it with an ax and doesn’t dent it! Would we all be a lot safer and more fractal if our cars were made of hemp plastic? Yes.

In 1993 Stan Meyer showed the world his dune buggy that used water as the fuel source. More specifically and accurately the engine ran on hydrogen split from water. Meyer’s invention made international press and caught the attention of all the three letter agencies including big oil. Supposedly Meyer rejected a billion dollar offer for the patent and a year later was murdered.

How many people have heard of Diesel’s waste cooking oil powered cars, Ford’s impenetrable hemp car or Meyer’s hydrogen powered engine?

More recently, Groom Lake physicist and inventor Bob Lazar proved one can fill tanks with hydrogen overnight to power a traditional gasoline engine.

You will need a particle accelerator to make hydride legally to store hydrogen in tanks – likely not such a tangible option for most of us.

For just a few thousand dollars you can purchase a car with a diesel engine. All diesel engines are capable of running waste fryer oil, however, older models are easier to modify.

The most important keys to running your car or truck on veggie oil:

-Upgrade the fuel filtration. Petroleum based Diesel fuel dries the engine and leaves sediment deposits. Recycled oil is wetter and much thicker and cleans the engine as it runs. It is possible to drive a vehicle with the stock fuel filter, though it will need constant replacement every one or two tanks and when it is really clogged the vehicle will not be able to drive uphill.

Several options allow the veg oil enthusiast a better filtration option, though the generic filter from is cheap ($50) and can be easily adapted to replace the stock filter. These filters require a new insert that is just a couple of dollars and in most cases only needs replacement every 5,000 to 15,000 miles.

-Only drive on vegetable oil when engine is hot. You can wait awhile for the engine to get warm or splurge on a kit that gives you a user friendly two tank system to drive on petro diesel or biodiesel while the engine warms. It is important not to drive the engine cold on waste oil as this may shorten the life of the car as the thick oil can clog the injection system.

In 2011 I took the leap of faith and filled my 1982 Mercedes 300d with waste cooking oil from local eateries. Totally stock, no changes to the car. Would the car blow up ? Would I be safe to drive all the way to San Francisco from Santa Cruz the following day? I was fine!

In fact, the engine seems to run smoother on the used cooking oil!



So cold we can see our breath in the glimmer of the rising sun and the fading moon. We line up, endorphins filling our bodies, a great day in front of us, most particularly so as today starts with chess club.

Buzzing lights illuminate the classroom, a sea of excited high pitched voices unfold the boards and we are ready to begin. Chess club was by no means mandatory, but about half our class of 30 showed. A few of us played chess habitually, always showing up early in the morning to play each week. We were also known to put a board aside when the early morning became first class hour, finishing games during recess.

Welcome to CHIPS (Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students). For four years, a cohort of geeks shared space together. During fourth and fifth grade we were paired with a teacher who brought us to new peaks in our intellectual and emotional development, mirroring her genuine love of life, sparking our inner children to be comfortable to be curious.

We were blessed, we were happy, we were soaring. Her enthusiasm and compassion spread like fire, invigorating harmony, emotional balance and rapid growth of mindfulness, whether it be by reading to us or by organizing outside-the-box adventures. Each day we molted a layer of who we were in order to evolve into our true selves. In truth this evolution was nothing more than a journey to remember who we already are.

We could not have asked for a better guide to show us the way. The way of words, the way of numbers, the way of feeling. The way to help each other, the way to embrace everyones gifts, the way to discover why we are here. Learning was fun and fun was learning. We made as many forward strides in two years as we did in any other four.

We went on extra field trips made possible by our active team of mothers. We read different books outside the standard curriculum. We practiced advanced mathematics, emphasizing right-brain intuition to lead left-brain logic to describe the world around us in numbers. We learned concepts before facts, enabling us to see the big picture before we memorize a version of “his story”. We were ostracized by surrounding classes just as one might imagine a group of nerds being segregated in a school setting.

The sense that what we were learning was valuable always permeated vibrantly through the classroom. On sunny days, our teacher brought us outside to soak in the nurturing energy of the sun. Always an invigorated mind nearby to help us push ahead no matter how far off track we may be, a teacher, a classmate, a path to bring us back to our roots rolled out before us when necessary. Our minds, our hearts, our spirits were attuned to our true nature – unconditional love. We were all therapists. We were all scholars. We walked the way we had been born to walk – free of confusion and without indifference. Collectively our self-esteem grew stronger each day, there was no reason to hide from our authentic nature. Meaning. Our lives had meaning, never was there any doubt of this.

We enjoyed learning about the world around us, learning about ourselves, discovering life from a point of view which little did we know was uncommon for children growing up in the final decade of the 20th century. This period in our lives was the peak of our American public education experience. Today this peak still rises above all others as it is this two year window that serves as the highlight from which to observe the contrasts of the rest of our childhood. Filled with joy each day, we were learning efficiently, we were unraveling the mystery of life. We were ourselves, we had no reason to mask our true colors with falsified ego identities.

The bell rings, recess is over, our next exercise is a timed math test. For some of us this was one of our favorite activities, especially for me. Numbers flow seamlessly onto paper, we complete nearly every question as the teacher announces “stop” and within her breath I’m able to write down one more solution. Sometimes I was the fastest, other times not.

Making it amongst the leaders was never in doubt. As far back as Kindergarten I was many years ahead, learning basic algebra, solving equations without showing any work. I preferred to add numbers the opposite way we were instructed to add them – left to right. Is it wrong to do things differently than others do – so long as we reach the correct answer?

Since ancient times learning from a Master has been the preferred method of gaining insight – that is if you really want to learn something well. To reveal our inner selves, our maximum potential, our dormant gifts – this is what a Master provides their students. One who has mastered a skill, science or discipline ultimately is the best conduit to transmit vital information to the uninitiated. A master shows the way to an infinite revolving door of our inner selves.

Our teacher mastered the art of balancing the classroom with activities that provoked the brightest spots in our minds to shine. Her heart-centered energy exponentially rippled through each of us, invigorating what amounted to be the unveiling of the key we needed to be our own masters. When we are are own master, we are our own best teacher.

When we know something sufficiently we can take it home with us, practice, and build upon the skill, inevitably sharing the skill with others. Knowledge and skills stand alone, always there to be plucked from a sea of boundless potential. One can learn to play a musical instrument and always this is possible, however the will and guidance to do so is necessary. The budding musician must not learn to play, but rather to learn to let go. To let go of all barriers that prevent harmonious flow of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Best-selling novelist Roald Dahl enriched our class room with positivity, speaking with our class from England. We toured Denver International Airport while it was under construction, catching a glimpse of the soon to be underground baggage system that infamously delayed the opening. We journeyed to science camp in Keystone where we cross country skid, played in the snow and learned how to identify animal tracks by studying the shape and size of their scat.

Independent studies were a means by which we were able to learn something and present our new knowledge to the class. Sometimes one of us would become so involved and intrigued by new skills and information, we could do nothing but learn more about it. Independent study or not – when one is so passionately driven by new talents and information, the skills were shared with the rest of us. When it came time to choose a country to independently study, I chose Saudi Arabia, he chose Japan.

We learned how to cherish differences, discovering previously foreign yet familiar knowledge. Embracing new concepts was cool, always invigorating us to challenge ourselves. The never-ending pursuit of knowledge, the fact that we can help ourselves know more the next day than we did the day before, or become more skilled at something or win the next chess match. We were thriving in our natural element.
In chess club, it was a three horse race most of the year. I provided tips and chronicled matches from each week in Chess News Weekly – our one and only chess news publication. With one month to go it was down to just the two of us. We alternated taking the lead, until the final week he rallied and won nearly all of his final matches. The title belonged to him.

There he was, a poof of white in his light brown hair, intently focusing on the paper. Awkwardly hunched over a desk, white pen in hand akin to a loose chop stick perched at the end of his fingertips pointing to the sky. Shy, quietly confident and driven, his left hand dominated his kinesthetic Virgoan nature. His tall and lanky stature made it appear that his left side was hugging something invisible over the desk while writing, drawing or folding paper into life. Origami – an activity he adored so much. The ability to manifest something in three dimensions from a flat square occupied much of his time in adolescence.
We listened to our teacher read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a true story of a girl who developed leukemia from the Hiroshima bombing. Sadako spent her final days of life in a hospital bed folding paper cranes, her goal to fold 1000, praying it would enable her to continue living. She completed 644 cranes before becoming too weak to fold anymore. Lead by our class origami expert, all of us folded and mailed a collection of thousands of paper cranes that were laid next to a statue of Sadako at the Hiroshima peace park.

Inside his bedroom existed a magical wooden chest. Inside this chest was a museum of paper folded into life. It was here he kept hundreds of origami creations, some extraordinarily difficult to fold, requiring much patience and tenacity. Frogs, cats, dogs, lobsters, fish, birds, cars, houses, boats, people – an entire world lived here.

Life was fun, life was learning and most importantly of all and perhaps least discussed – there was respect. When all is in harmony the issue of respect does not need attention because balance already leads the way. Where there is no problem there is no uproar to attend to. Continuing a preventative functional path is all that is required to maintain a state of balance and harmony.

Respect for what is decent, for what is true – if the right answer was mistakenly interpreted we fixed it and moved on. Respect for the other who hurt himself, not to make him hurt more when he was down. Respect for intelligent creation – for doing what we did best and
getting better at things which needed improvement.

This same year we were amongst the first to memorize each state and each state capital. It was not uncommon to find one of us staring at maps of the country, maps of the world, a dictionary, pictures of country flags or a baseball card price guide as we lay awake at night. During this time in our lives, our spirits thrived, energy effortlessly flowed through our creative selves driving us to know more, anchoring our center of orientation in the heart.

The night becomes morning, both of us lay on his couches at his house, charting our future decisions. We loved rookie cards and vintage baseball cards. Most often we discovered we were too stubborn to trade. He did manage to acquire my Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla rookie cards for his Howard Johnson rookie card.

He threw baseballs through a tire in his back yard commanding much velocity with his fastball. His team played in division one, whereas my team played in division four. Our baseball careers never crossed. His team didn’t win a title, ours did. His rare southpaw arm gave him an edge to play first base when he wasn’t pitching. I also was a pitcher, enjoying the role of dictating the game with each toss. When I wasn’t pitching I usually played second base or shortstop.

We played thousands of hours of video games. During the peak of Nintendo and Game Boy our attention often fused with the computer bits until morning. He was the first friend I knew to get a Sega game gear that slept with him much of the time. Fantastical imaginary digital worlds to entertain us during the pre-dawn of the Internet age – before the world was online. Our fun on computers included programming in basic language on Apple 2s. We wrote code for a few programs, including one that tells fortunes and a football game.

One happy night as children we went to the Phantom of the Opera preluded by fine Italian food. This outing inspired me to learn to play a couple of the scores from the show on the piano. He learned to play the trumpet for the school band and played a drum set at home. I played trombone in the band and fluttered butterflies in my stomach while playing piano for school events.

Who is he?

His name is Dylan Klebold,
One of my closest friends from childhood. 
A name I’ve typed over and over again on fantasy baseball website updates and Chess News Weekly’s.
We shared many days of life together. Lingering questions left for those of us that knew him have been painful, difficult and many. The final day of his life deserves an explanation.

Naturally, those of us affected by the tragedy have endured years of painful emotions. The grief cycle proposed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is a very true representation of what we go through when we face a devastating catastrophe in our lives. All energy truly does seek balance. Inevitably we must confront and let go of traumatic emotions. By doing so, we release the stuck energy. When we release stuck energy our immune systems optimally function and we remain healthy. Would you believe a seemingly dense mass such as a tumor is merely a composition of congealed heat, phlegm, toxins and emotion? Based on my experiences as a practitioner I can verify this observation of the ancients is indeed true. Many times all we need to heal is for someone to compassionately listen. When someone holds sacred space for our stories to un-store we can clear the imbalance of energy that was stuck. Often times, energy was stuck because of a sympathetic fight or flight survival stream of emotions congealing an incident somewhere in the body. As medicine and technology reach new apexes of efficacy, it is the language of energy seeking balance that defines the ongoing collective revelations about health and wellness.

The answers are not going to be found by examining the symptoms, we must go from the branches of the diseased tree to the trunk, to the roots and then we find the cause of imbalance.

If we are to cut into a body and remove a tumor without cleansing the emotional component of the disease, the likelihood of the tumor growing again is high. Synonymous to removing a flower by cutting off the petals and buds, most likely the flower will grow back unless we extract it from its roots.

The Columbine tragedy represents a violent reaction of an extreme yin and yang imbalance.

We must examine a problem from a different perspective of thinking than the one that created it. To understand as much as possible, we must plow a path to expand on ideas and truths rooted in thinking removed from the problem itself.

And what is the problem? Where do we begin?

For one to want to kill themselves it first must be imagined. The idea to do so must exist.

Energy to start a self-destructive chain reaction is rooted in a severe imbalance. What causes the imbalance?

Acquiring painful emotions of anger, grief, worry and fear whirling them internally. These cause damage if not released in a sound manner. A hurtful internal dialogue creates the reality of pain and one falls deeper into depression. Without releasing the toxic emotions pain begins to pile up, creating a stagnation of energy in the body, emotions and mind. When damaging energy is reinforced, the pain multiplies.

Add to this imbalance, a series of drugs whose effects are known to cause mania, suicidal and homicidal tendencies, calcify the pineal gland as well as further disconnect the heart from the soul and the likelihood of a Columbine type event is increased. The paradigm of medicine so focused on tinkering with the brain ignores the heart as the mind, leading symptoms to compile upon one another, while the true brain – the heart – is always here, ready to lead the way through any disharmony. In our modern age, it is irrefutable that the heart is the dictator. The electromagnetism of the heart produces a measurable field up to 5000x stronger than the brain.

Energy is designed to flow effortlessly through the heart and when energy does not flow effortlessly, it gets trapped. The buildup of stagnating energy in the filter organ of the liver turns the center of orientation towards all the gunk, emotional or otherwise that must be processed. This can lead the inherent virtues of kindness and compassion to become emotions of rage and anger.

Why be angry?

Depression is the manifestation of suppressed anger. When sadness and depression pile up without being released, the transformation to anger becomes inevitable. Bottled up tears, repressed traumatic experiences – these are fuel for fire in the liver.

When we disconnect from our hearts we do not feel compassion. It does not bother someone disconnected from their heart to see someone else being hurt. Someone who is not heart-centered may even laugh at the misfortune and pain of another. Dylan was lost inside his disconnected heart. Eric Harris was also disconnected from his heart, continuously feeding the separation with antidepressants & alcohol. Eric told his therapist the drug made him feel suicidal and homicidal. Rather than ween Eric off the drug, the therapist prescribed a different one with the same pineal-calcifying ingredients and increased the dose.

How did we get so far off a heart-centered track that suicide and school massacres have reached epidemic proportions?

There are an infinite number of ways we can pull at the roots. The perspective that resonates the most for the purpose of getting to the core of the problem is examining the paradigm.

What is a paradigm?

The direct translation from Greek Paradeigma = “what shows itself beside itself”
Para = beside or next to
Digm = to show

The definition in English:
-a set of forms all of which contain a particular element, esp. the set of all inflected forms based on a single stem or theme.
-an example serving as a model; a pattern.

What is the paradigm of our culture? Are we heart-centered?

Our situation can be defined as such:

There are two distinct paradigms:

The natural paradigm: whose premise is rooted in sacred geometry, where all of life and its creations are built within parameters defined by a sacred set of rules clearly distinguishable in nature. The code of infinity, bliss, source energy; the divine. Abundance is the algorithm.

The unnatural paradigm: whose premise is rooted in concealing the sacred geometrical laws for the benefit of a select few while the masses are controlled inside an unnatural set of laws rooted in manipulation, misdirection and geometry far from sacred. Artificial scarcity is the algorithm.

This fundamental principle is not just about Columbine.
Living in an unnatural paradigm is the root of all imbalance.

Now is a time of great awakening to the inherent sacred paradigm oscillating in every wave of life. Upon remembering this great truth, future generations will endure less and less suffering until one day all of the planet is synchronized with its true nature. The sacred geometrical laws that drive perfect fractality. No stagnant energy, just true organic symmetry.

As ancient truths reveal themselves during the dawn of the Vedic Satya Yuga, the Hopi Fifth World and the golden Aquarian age, we remember the reality is we are all one reflective mirror looking at one another. The truth frees humanity from centuries of disharmonies. In the future, massacres at schools will be seen as a symptom of the boiling point reached when the unnatural paradigm lost its grip of humanity and balance returned to Earth.

Why we use Honest diapers

Choosing a diaper may seem easy, however there is so much to consider. For many price is the primary factor. For others convenience is most important. For some new parents the most important thing for a diaper is the material – will it rub our baby’s bum with ease and grace or will it itch and chafe?

For us, the primary factor is the impact this diaper for the environment?
We do not want to leave poo ridden diapers that wont easily compost in landfills.

Though cloth diapers are reusable, there is the time, energy and electricity factor that rule them out for many of us.

Mainstream diapers are inexpensive, but they do not biodegrade and contain materials that are carcinogenic!

We considered a service that brings diapers and picks the soiled ones up once a week, though this proves to be costly and they require you to buy diapers from them at inflated prices.

Finally, after a few weeks of trialing, erroring and lots of peeing and pooing we discovered Honest Diapers.

For about $80 per month we get a box delivered to our door with enough diapers for the month. The diapers are plenty absorbent and do not leak. Also included are wipes that are gentle on all baby crevices. What sold us is the fact these are biodegradable diapers made with natural ingredients that are safe! To top it all off, the prints and colors are stylish.

We recommend Honest diapers to anyone who has a baby.

Five Branches University Santa Cruz Campus Feng Shui Project Proposal to Reduce Chaos From Cell Phone Towers


Dr. Chad Laughlin DMQ (China)
67th Generation Disciple and Daoist Priest of Long Hu Shan Daoism
81st Generation Disciple and Daoist Priest of Mao Shan Daoism

version 3.5

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Abstract
III. Installation
IV. Materials
V. Electromagnetic Filters
VI. Orgonite
VII. Custom Dampening Shield
VIII. Crystal Grid
IX. Second Wave of Enhancement
X. Integration by Area
XI. San Jose Campus
XII. Funding
XIII. Politics and Press
XIV. Just Compensation
XV. Summary
XVI. References

The caduceus. A symbol representing medicine, kundalini and DNA. The snakes show waves heterodyning towards perfect harmonic compression, oscillating at golden mean ratio, igniting the divine spark gap for life to thrive.

I. Introduction

In regards to the energetic integrity of the 200 7th Avenue building, home of Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California, there exists qi1 phenomenon that can be described in Chinese medicine as wind and heat that coagulates, circulates and traps inside the building. This manifestation is the result of cellular phone tower base stations (also known as wireless communication facilities) on the rooftop. An electrical engineer may perceive the phenomenon as an over-abundance of electrical charge in the electromagnetic field of the building, continuously cycling and trapping. This results in a vacuum of charge (qi) with nowhere to go due to an imbalance of centripetal2 and centrifugal3 forces.

One approach utilized by electrical engineers to reduce exposure to harmful electromagnetic energy is anchored in principles observed by Benjamin Franklin. In 1755 Franklin observed an electrical shielding effect by lowering an uncharged cork ball suspended on a silk thread through an opening in an electrically charged metal can. In his words, “the cork was not attracted to the inside of the can as it would have been to the outside, and though it touched the bottom, yet when drawn out it was not found to be electrified (charged) by that touch, as it would have been by touching the outside. The fact is singular.” Franklin discovered the effect of what is commonly known today as a Faraday4 shield. Design and installation of a custom shield is imperative to harmonize the space of the campus. Hundreds of sick people are being treated in the clinic weekly alongside faculty and students who spend many hours inside the school. A more complete solution is necessary.

When wave dynamics phase conjugate and are coherent, self-organizing centripetal forces of electromagnetism result. Implosive collapse5 of waves aligns etheric6 symmetries towards perfect harmonic compression7 (zero-point). For etheric conditions to stabilize, out of phase polarities of charge require piezoelectric8 compression to magnetize towards golden mean ratio.9

Implosive collapse of waves enables immune function of living organisms to thrive. Dissonant qi that is centrifugal must become centripetal, yielding to shareable DNA patterning, fractal10 etheric environments and harmonic inclusiveness of all waves; the definition of ease. Upon successful sacred space creation, a biologically phase-conjugate dielectric11 fractal capacitor12 results, establishing an environment for life force to thrive.

A balanced electrical environment helps immune function achieve homeostasis.13 In modern language homeostasis is a word to define balance. In ancient traditions of esoteric healing arts, balance is defined in symbols. Kundalini14 energy heterodyning towards a spark gap of perfect wave sharing defines balance in the language of mathematics, sound, electricity and spirit. The mathematical definition of balance is expressed in the equation of perfect harmonic compression: 1.61803399, the golden mean ratio, also identifiable as the charge rotation of centripetal forces and represented by the taiji15 symbol of the dao.

Implosion of Perfect Harmonic Compression

Symbol of the Dao (2d slice of DNA)

Golden Mean Spirals of DNA

Feng Shui16 can be described as the art of balancing energy flow between objects. If one is to examine the most harmonious wave interference pattern possible, the answer is mathematically expressed as the divine proportion (1.61803399 golden mean ratio). Symmetries in accord with golden mean ratio ignite perfect harmonic compression, yielding waves to collapse into harmony.

Creating sacred space fundamentally works with principles of sensing where ley lines are, where charges of energy exist and how to most optimally stabilize and activate implosive collapse of waves towards zero-point (divine, sacred) between objects.

Simply stated: The goal of feng shui is to harmonize space between objects and elemental forces.

Feng Shui practitioners seek the most efficient way to guide and direct qi flow, logically implementing available resources to harmonize qi currents. Upon successful balancing of a space, resistance of energy flow is minimized, charge coherence is enhanced and an environment for optimal qi flow prevails. Every environment is unique and requires dowsing by energetically sensitive individuals to ascertain optimal placement of objects, materials of such objects and spacing of objects.

The primary intentions of the feng shui grid project are to:

-ground dirty electromagnetic energy
-decrease energetic dissonance
-increase energetic coherence
-reduce carcinogenic exposure throughout the building
-create a grid to balance energy flow between objects
-improve aesthetics
-balance electrical charge
-balance magnetism
-increase healing potency of clinic environment

A likely outcome of the feng shui grid project is an increased awareness of minerals and their role in Chinese medicine. Accessibility to the healing benefits of minerals in the clinic space results from an increased supply of crystals throughout the campus. Furthermore, access to healing objects such as crystals, Tibetan singing bowls and orgonite for patients become readily available and can be integrated into home prescriptions.

This project applies ancient metaphysical wisdom, feng shui principles and modern technology to harmonize space of an electrically chaotic building. Upon completion, the etheric environment of the building is to be greatly improved, yielding waves to flow towards perfect harmonic compression; golden mean ratio.

1 Qi – electricity, emotion, sound & color vibrating in constant motion animating all lifeforms. Qi is the catalyst, vehicle and charge of all interrelations in the universe. In English defined as “life force energy”

2 Centripetal – from Latin centrum meaning “center” and petere “to seek” defined as an implosive collapse of waves towards life force-generating fractal vortices. The wave mechanics of coherence, perfect branching, golden mean ratio cascades, seed germination, life restoration, ease and the magnetic force gravitating towards zero point (equilibrium)

3 Centrifugal – from Latin centrum, meaning “center” and fugere, meaning “to flee” defined as disintegration of wave patterning away from golden mean ratio cascades, the wave mechanics of dissonance, disharmony and dis-ease, gravitating away from zero point (equilibrium)

4 Faraday Shield – In 1836, Michael Faraday observed that the capacitance on a charged conductor resided only on its exterior and had no influence on anything enclosed within it. A Faraday shield is best understood as an approximation to an ideal hollow conductor. Externally or internally applied electromagnetic fields produce forces on the charge carriers (usually electrons) within the conductor; the charges are redistributed accordingly (that is, electric currents are generated). Once the charges have rearranged so as to cancel the applied field inside, the currents stop. It is necessary for the redistributed charge to be grounded to the Earth.

5 Implosive Collapse – Waves entering into a self-organizing system magnetized by harmonic cascades of golden mean ratio.

6 Ether – Space between matter, from Latin aether,from Greek aither.

7 Perfect Harmonic Compression – The geometry and motion of centripetal force. Identifiable as a superluminal vortex of qi rotating in space.

8 Piezoelectricity – electricity or electric polarity due to pressure especially in a crystalline substance (as quartz). From Greek piezein meaning to press.

9 Golden Mean Ratio – Optimized translation of vorticity. The divine proportion. Ethereal balance. Scientifically defined as the function that allows for most efficient light distribution. Mathematically expressed as 1.6803399. Solution to perfect compression. Golden mean ratio defines the balance of long waves of sound and short waves of charge. Multipliable and addable to the same result. Represented in the coiling DNA helixes of the caduceus.

10 Fractal – A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical nature as the whole. Infinite perfect compression. “Fraction-of-the-all”

11 Phase-Conjugate Dielectric – an electric field that creates a self similar, life force-generating fractal bioactive capacitor.

12 Fractal Capacitor – A structure that organizes waves towards perfect harmonic compression (ex: Tibetan stupa, pyramid, cathedral)

13 Homeostasis (from Greek: “hómoios”, “similar”, and Greek, stásis, “standing still”) described as the property of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, relatively constant condition of properties such as temperature or pH.

14 Kundalini – A sleeping, dormant potential force in the human organism. Latent female energy coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini awakening results from deep meditation, yoga & tantric bliss practice. A commonly reported kundalini experience is the feeling of an electric current running along the spine. Kundalini is a fusion of creative energy with divine energy into one charged stream of qi.

15 Taiji – Supreme Ultimate. The infinite space. The symbol of rotational charge fields imploding towards perfect harmonic compression.

16 Feng Shui – a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of Heaven and Earth to help one improve well-being by receiving infinite life generating qi.

II. Abstract

This document proposes a solution to improve etheric conditions of the Santa Cruz Five Branches campus. Upon completion of the first wave of improvments a hypothesized 92% to 99% reduction of carcinogenic exposure is expected. Included are descriptions of the installation procedure of a grid of materials designed to balance the space as well as an outline to launch the project.

The proposed financial arrangement is for the building owner to share the costs of the project with the university. Property value is likely to increase by the completion of each phase of the project. The school benefits by an increased supply of healing objects for patients and practitioners. People inside the building benefit from being immersed in a safe environment.

First wave phases of project implementation:

1. Electromagnetic Filters and Orgonite. Installation in a two day period. Cost $8,500

2. Custom Dampening Shield Effect by combination of Faraday style shield on rooftop, shielding fabric between ceiling and roof and shielding paint on walls. Installation in a three to four week period. Cost $10,000.

3. Crystal Grid. Installed in a two day period. Cost $10,000

It is imperative for first wave improvements to be installed for the building to be safe. Second wave improvements are considered an optional bonus and less vital to the core intention to reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation exposure. Second wave improvements include air purification, Solfeggio17 resonance generators, a jade & serpentine fountain in the first floor hallway, placement of altars, Thangkas on classroom walls, plastic and metal furniture replaced by wooden furniture, neighboring smart meters replaced by analog meters, an increase of sound healing items including Tibetan singing bowls and a campus-wide remodel. First wave improvements are designed to remove and ground the dissonance from the cell phone towers and establish a grid of coherent crystals. Second wave improvements maximize feng shui principles by subtle etheric refinements and attentive details to aesthetics.

17 Solfeggio – Frequencies originating from an ancient musical scale including: 174hz 285hz 396hz 417hz 528hz 639hz 741hz 852hz & 963hz.

III. Installation

A streamlined plan for installation of the feng shui solution is important, guaranteeing daily campus activities are minimally influenced. First wave enhancements of electromagnetic filters, orgonite, dampening shield and crystals can be completed with little to no disturbance of daily campus operations.

Simplified installation protocol of first wave enhancements:

  1. Filters & Orgonite installed in one weekend.
  2. Rooftop and second floor dampening shield installed in one week.
  3. Crystal Grid integrated after #2, during a weekend.
  4. Shielding paint in herb room and clinic during a period of three to four weeks.

Electromagnetic filters and orgonite pieces can be installed in one weekend by a small team of people. The dampening shield can be customized and installed by a small team of specialists, requiring rooftop and ceiling access. This project is estimated to require three to seven days to complete.

Lining walls in the herb room and clinic with shielding paint and shielding fabric requires a period of time such as a long holiday break. Up to three weeks may be necessary to enhance this area. Alternatively, sectioning off clinic space for shielding paint on a room by room basis can be instituted over a period of time, though this would require work during late night hours.

The crystal grid can be integrated immediately following the installation of filters and orgonite. This can be done with little to no interference of daily activities. In approximately a two week period filters, orgonite, dampening shield and crystal grid can sequentially be installed. Shielding the herb room and clinic requires up to one month to finish. The lengthy completion timeline is due to the nature of repainting the herb room and clinic with shielding paint. A conservative estimate to complete first wave enhancements is five weeks.

Second wave enhancements can primarily be integrated as weekend projects. Strategic planning for construction projects to be timed in harmony to not disturb daily campus activities. The gradual implementation of each second wave improvement can be completed in six months.

IV. Materials

Acquisition and installation of materials are to be managed by chief organizer Dr. Chad Laughlin who is in continuous communication with suppliers. Dr. Chad’s vision, experiences and expertise imagined the project.

Donations of money, crystals and orgonite from the student body and faculty allows direct contributions to the project from those who spend many hours inside the building. Donations are to contribute to the volume of crystals and sequential installation of each phase. The first wave of installation consists of three distinct phases. The first phase is a two day installation of electromagnetic filters and orgonite, followed by a sequential installation of a crystal grid and completion of an EMF18 dampening shield on the second floor and clinic area. The function of the first three phases is to create the most efficient means to harmonize the space electrically, whereas the emphasis of later phases is more on aesthetics, air purification and fine touches for complete integration of a visually enhanced and kinesthetically soothing environment.

Materials attached to the building are proposed to be property of the building owner. This includes the second floor dampening shield, Y-paint and Faraday shield. Materials that are stand alone objects such as altars, crystals and orgonite are proposed to be property of Five Branches University. A general guideline of who owns what is: Direct modifications that are attached to the building (fabric, paint, rooftop shield) belong to the building owner. Items that are stand alone objects (crystals, altars, orgonite) are property of the school.

18 Definition 1: Electromagnetic Field – A field produced by electrically charged objects. EMFs affect the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. Defined as the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field.

* Magnetic fields go through the body
* Electric fields go around the body

Definition 2: Electromotive Force – Refers to voltage generated by a battery or other magnetic force such as the heart. Electromotive “force” is not a force, rather defined as “potential” or “energy per unit of charge”; measurable in volts. Michael Faraday’s law of induction states that a time varying magnetic field induces an electric current.

V. Electromagnetic Filters

Dr. Karl Maret introduced the Graham/Stetzer filter during his presentation on April 1, 2011. While lecturing in Bamboo/Lotus. Dr. Maret plugged one in and a substantial decrease in radiation was measured by a geiger counter.

Approximate layout: 1 in each treatment room (18), 34 upstairs and 48 downstairs.

Each filter requires access to a power outlet. Additional power strips may be necessary.

Estimated installation time: 6 hours for two to three people to complete.

Cost: $3500 for 100 units. Each unit costs $35. Additionally a companion microsurge meter for $125 assists the installation process.

Graham/Stetzer Filter (5x4x9 cm)

Greenwave electromagnetic filters may also be utilized in conjunction or instead of Graham/Stetzer filters.

In 2004, a thorough study was completed by Dr. Magda Havas, Michelle Illiatovitch and Cameron Proctor at Willow Wood, a private school in Toronto, Canada.  The study yielded statistics showing a favorable shift in the health and behavior of students and faculty from the installation of 50 electromagnetic filters throughout the campus.

Though all microsurges were not eliminated, a 57% reduction of dirty energy was measured. Teachers answered questionnaires with no knowledge of when the filters were installed to determine the efficacy of the capacitors.  During periods of time when filters were installed 45% of the teachers reported feeling less tired and less frustrated, 35% felt healthier, 30% were less irritable, 25% had improved mood, more energy and a greater sense of satisfaction with their work.  This was not due to a placebo effect as there was no knowledge the research was being conducted.

Teachers also documented student behavior.  In two of the three middle school classes (grade 7) as much as 5 to 10 minutes per class were saved from unproductivity while the filters were installed.  In grades 3 to 6 the amount of time teachers had to spend dealing with disruptions at the beginning of a class or while starting a new lesson decreased 2 to 6 minutes.  In lower school (grades 1 to 6) 60% of the classes showed significant improvements in student behavior.19

The data recorded in this study is promising in regards to a similar installation of capacitors in the Five Branches building. Additional filters likely to be added in office spaces occupied by tenants other than Five Branches for thorough and complete grounding of dirty energy. Discussion with tenants upon launch of project to determine distribution of filters in non-Five Branches rooms.  

Graham/Stetzer electromagnetic filters are the first of a series of improvements to the energetics of the building. Harmonizing the chaos from the cell phone towers on the rooftop requires a more sophisticated feng shui solution.

VI. Orgonite

Orgonite20 is a vital component to harmonize environments in a world blanketed with electromagnetic pollution.  Orgonite is a human-made mineral, composed by compressing crystals and metals into a mold, creating a sealed environment for qi to piezoelectrically vacuum towards and stabilize.

The compression of qi into orgonite engages the energy of the crystals and metals, creating a piezoelectric effect to transmute fractionated dissonant ambient energy into fractal coherent waves of charge.

For maximum efficiency of design and implementation, outsourcing is the sensible choice.

Approximate distribution of 300 pieces: 2 in each treatment room (36), 30 buried around the perimeter of the building, 64 on second floor, 100 on first floor, 70 throughout building (hallways, bathrooms, entrances). A sufficient amount of orgonite costs approximately $5000.

Strategic alliances with professional orgonite builders are in place including: Earth Jing and Violet Flame companies. Discussion for custom construction of pieces is ongoing.

Estimated installation time of 300 pieces: 8 hours for a team of three to six people.

Since the origination of orgonite construction, gifting orgonite pieces near electrically polluted areas is popular amongst the collective efforts of people seeking to harmonize the ethers. Any and all orgonite pieces donated by anyone to the project can be utilized. For this project, there can not be too much orgonite placed in and near the building, donations will be accepted, allowing students and faculty to gift their own customized pieces.

20 Orgone – During the 1930s Dr. Wilhelm Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) would actually attract and collect orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (which Reich called “OR” or “POR“) and harmful negative etheric energy (“deadly orgone” or “DOR“). Reich constructed large boxes called orgone accumulators or “oracs” using this simple layering principle, successfully enabling healing of his patients from various ailments.

VII. Custom Dampening Shield

Lining the roof and walls of the second floor beneath the cell phone towers dampens and decreases harmful electromagnetic exposure. Decreasing harmful EMF exposure in the herb room and clinic is vitally important. This can be done with shielding fabric and shielding paint. Dialogue with EMF shielding experts has determined the AL100 fabric21 and Y-Shield paint22 are the best choices for the project. Additionally a custom Faraday shield on the roof further dampens and prevents carcinogenic waves to penetrate the building.

There are three distinct layers to the custom dampening shield.

1. Faraday style shield on the rooftop
2. Dampening shield between second floor ceiling and rooftop
3. Shielding paint in the herb room and clinic area.

Dialogue for custom construction of a Faraday shield is ongoing with Santa Cruz resident, KSCO radio host and electrical engineer Thomas Quinn. The chaotic electrical charge from the cell towers will be shielded from clinic and classrooms by being redirected to the ground. The outer face and inner face of the shield cancel each other out, while the rest of the shield retains a neutral charge. Installation of dampening shield requires a team of three to four people approximately three to five days to complete.

A second EMF dampening shield is to be placed between the top of the roof and second floor ceiling. A custom designed uniform dampening shield between the rooftop and the interior ceiling adds more protection to the classrooms that are in closest proximity to the towers. Once complete, the shield will not be visible from inside the classrooms. The custom designed shield for the second floor ceiling and rooftop is estimated to cost $5000 to complete.

An important component for a complete dampening effect of dirty EMF is Y-shield high frequency shielding paint. This paint is black and can be painted over upon drying. Ten liters is the preliminary amount estimated to sufficiently line the walls in the herb room and clinic space. It will be necessary to cover walls with white paint or other soothing colors after application of the shielding paint is complete.

* Eliminating the use of RF technologies such as cellular phones and laptops in clinic spaces where rooms are lined with shielding paint is imperative *

Y-Shield paint costs approximately $910 for 10 liters. Custom shielding paint in the herb room and clinic is estimated to cost $5000. The two shields above the second floor require a week to complete. Lining clinic space with paint may take up to four weeks. The lengthy period of time is necessary for the paint to dry, for minimal interference of campus activities and for adjustments and modifications for the most efficient shielding effect. Quality painters to be contracted.

Dampening effects are vitally important prior to activation and amplification of the crystal grid. Once installed, the shield shall need no routine maintenance, though an annual inspection to assure proper configuration is suggested.

VIII. Crystal Grid

Once dissonance from the cell phone towers is grounded and neutralized, the next phase is to increase the coherence in the building. Each crystal has unique energetics and requires energy sensitive individuals to strategically place them throughout the building for maximum feng shui effect.23 Estimated Installation Time: 16 hours (2 days) for a group of three to six people. Cost: $10000

Important crystals for the grid include but are not limited to: Fluorite, Citrine, Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Phenacite, Moldavite, Iolite, Amethyst, Larimar, Selenite, Labradorite, Kyanite, Lemurian Seeds, Shungite, Yi Meng Ju & Takionic

Lots of integral pieces range from $100 to $500. Crystals are to become property of the school. Value of crystals likely is to remain stable. Appreciation is more likely than depreciation. The majority of the crystals are to remain stationary as part of the grid. There will be hundreds of crystals for students and faculty to utilize in clinic and classroom settings.

In addition to the core crystal grid, large pieces (ex: cathedral amethyst) strategically placed in the building are necessary, estimated to cost $2500 for 8 to 12 beautiful pieces. Strategery of optimal placement will include a way to protect from theft, potentially by utilizing locked glass cases.

The crystal grid to be installed is a unique one-of-a-kind project. Thousands of crystals are to be placed in the building, creating a grid of coherence in constant communication, steadily harmonizing and refining the ethers. All shapes, colors and sizes of crystals will be utilized for the grid.

The grid is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Many crystals will not be visible, while the crystals that are exposed will enhance visual space.

Cleansing of grid crystals is required periodically. Determination of most efficient means to do so to be chosen once grid is installed. Cleansing once a season (quarterly) is likely to be sufficient.

Once the crystal grid is installed, a handout for students and faculty will be distributed regarding important details about the crystals. In the handout there will be guidelines about the grid, including which pieces can be moved and utilized in clinic and which pieces are to remain stationary. Also included will be a guide about the use of crystals as a practitioner. This includes which stones to utilize for which disharmonies and which stones to utilize in accord with which elements, chakras and constitutions. Information about charging and cleansing crystals as well as concocting mineral elixirs also to be included in the handout.

23 Maximum Feng Shui Effect = energy flow between objects with as little ethereal resistance as possible (coherence)

Water crystals oscillating at Solfeggio frequencies

IX. Second Wave of Enhancement

The next phase of sacred space catalyzation, etheric harmonization and elemental integration focuses on subtler refinements of the ether, increase of sacred principled furniture and architectural improvements throughout the campus. The effects will increase the property value while offering a tasteful showcase of Chinese medicine related objects. For all campus improvements listed here, the cost is approximately $40,000.

In approximate order of implementation:

1: HEPA & Ionic Filtration

Breathable air can be purified by a wide variety of filtration and cleansing options. Clearing allergens, dust and breathable toxins is vitally important in environments with sensitive and sick people. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration) filtration is found in the biomedical sector including operating rooms and areas with sensitive electronics. Very expensive and sensitive equipment always utilizes HEPA to protect from damage. To meet regulations a HEPA filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometer from the air that passes through. A silent network of air filters and ionic purifiers yields substantial improvements in air quality throughout the campus. Estimates place this phase of implementation at a minimum of $3000, depending on the number of units purchased. Installation is contingent on strategic customization and placement, which may require up to two days. A concentrated effort for improved air quality in the clinic environment is vital to a complete feng shui solution.

2: Jade and Serpentine Fountain in Common Hallway

A custom pond with tasteful fountains, nestled by local jade, serpentine, floral arrangements, art and statues adds significant aesthetic and energetic improvement in a heavily trafficked area. The jade & serpentine pond project can be constructed in-house. Acquisition of materials and two full days of labor place estimated cost of the project at $3000 for three to five people to complete. On-going maintenance will be necessary and likely can be sufficed by Five Branches faculty.

3: Altars and Thangkas

Energetically and aesthetically, altars of Daoist and Buddhist lineages offer energetic integration of elemental forces, fusing roots of the medicine with practical feng shui applications. Large wall art composed of Tibetan Thangkas helps refine subtle realms of qi and shen. Local Buddhist monasteries Pema Osel Ling and Land of the Medicine Buddha offer direct access to the Vajrayana Tibetan lineage. There are a substantial number of graduates and students from the university that are Daoist lineage holders, allowing direct access to activate altars. Estimated costs of materials and art: $3000. Installation time: one full day for two to three people to complete.

4: Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound Healing Expansion

Sound healing is an ancient art of Buddhist and Daoist lineages. Access to singing bowls, tuning forks and other materials enhances clinic space, increases aesthetic eye candy and offers practitioners more tools for healing. Singing bowls and sound healing objects may be donated, however a core group of materials may cost in upwards of $3000. A large gong or two in heavily trafficked areas adds beauty and clears the space when struck.

Additional reinforcements to increase coherence throughout the building in the second wave of integration measures may include acquisition and placement of more electromagnetic filters, orgonite and crystals. Creative projects that are completed by students and faculty to increase maximum feng shui effects throughout the campus may be applied throughout the completion of second wave enhancements.

Tenants other than Five Branches University likely will want to be included in the building upgrades. Informed consent of the building owner and all tenants will be necessary to include each office space in the feng shui grid.

5: Solfeggio Resonance Generators

Ambient etheric conditions can be further refined with placement of resonance generators. The Hertz (Hz) or Spin Cycles Per Second of etheric wave oscillation in harmonic resonance with Earth (7.83Hz) stabilizes etheric environments towards homeostasis. Each Solfeggio generator requires grounding to the Earth, linking to the 7.83Hz frequency from the source of the harmonic frequency.

Estimated initial supply of ten resonance generators merging into one synchronous field will be sufficient. Electrically sensitive individuals are required for strategic placement for optimal resonance throughout the building. Estimated cost of supplies is $2000. Additional frequency modulators set to a broad range of Solfeggio frequencies wired to crystals may be placed throughout the campus.

6: Furniture Swap

Elimination of plastic and metal furniture, replaced by wooden furniture improves the etheric flow of qi as well as increases comfort and aesthetic appeal. This project requires choosing a source of wooden desks and chairs for classrooms and elimination of steel and aluminum in clinic space where possible. A functional, tasteful swap of furniture will amount to approximately $5000 and can be completed by a group of a few people in one day. Elimination of synthetic sheets replaced by organic cotton sheets increases healing potency of treatments.

7: Further EMF Shielding

Further dampening and lining of rooms with EMF shielding fabric and Y-Shield paint provides another layer of etheric refinement. Lining first floor classroom walls and ceilings with shielding fabric and paint costs an additional $3000 to $5000. Customized crystal shields throughout the campus may cost approximately $5000. Emphasis of refinement in the clinic environment, herb room and bamboo/lotus is priority and is included in first wave enhancements. Installation will be customized and can be finished by a team of three to five people in a period of three to five days contingent on number of rooms to be upgraded.

8: Campus Remodel

A campus-wide remodel increases aesthetic appeal, improves property value and enhances energetic coherence by working with principles of feng shui including:

-reduction of exposed metal in each room
-elimination of 90 degree corners
-cove trim added to ceilings in each room
-more Y-shielding paint on walls
-overhaul of artificial lighting system

Estimated costs of project range from $7000 to $12000, contingent on the details, materials and labor. Compensation with building owner is highly plausible as the property value will increase.

9: Removal of neighboring smart meters

Efforts for the successful implementation of this measure requires a team of people to engage in a dialogue with neighbors to replace smart meters24 with analog meters. PGE deployed a large carcinogenic grid of smart meters against the will of the people. In most cases tenants have no knowledge of the installation. Each smart meter pulses bits of information up to 190,000 times per day through a mesh network. The nervous system is quite vulnerable to the invisible grid. In the case of purifying the Five Branches campus, discussions with neighbors (primarily vacation rentals) to “opt-out” to remove the smart meters is necessary. Each tenant/owner must pay a one time fee of $75 and $10 per month.

White Tara – Bodhisattva of Compassion

X. Integration by Area

Some general notes and ideas about each area to match aesthetics, energetics and maximum feng shui effect.

Entrance on 7th

Cathedral crystal clusters of citrine, amethyst or other large crystals.
Buddhist and Daoist altars upon entering the building.
Three pure ones statues, Thangkas in heavily trafficked hallway.
Glass cases to protect valuable items such as cathedral clusters may be implemented.

Herb Room

Shelf space can be utilized for large amounts of crystals and orgonite. Additional electromagnetic filters may be necessary in herb room. Air purifiers are critically important here. Attention to draw electromagnetic pollution away from herbs and practitioners to be aided by custom dampening fabric and shielding paint.


Vitally important area for enhancement. Hallways offer many areas to place orgonite and crystals on the top of dividing walls and picture frames. Orgonite and electromagnetic filters in each clinic space to be customized as the windowless, hard cornered rooms intensify the vacuum trapping effect of all wind and heat. Deliberate testing of etheric conditions during installation assures optimal placement of objects. A custom grid of crystals linked with each other is important for maximum coherence. Shielding fabric and paint to be included in the second wave of enhancement.


Shelving offers many areas for crystals. EMF grounding and neutralizing around computer/wireless routing equipment is necessary.


Each room to be tastefully gridded with crystals and orgonite. Emphasis on aesthetics more so than EMF stabilization can be applied as administration offices are less impacted by the cell phone towers than classrooms. Fabric and paint may be installed as part of a campus remodeling. A customized fountain with running water placed at the entrance of the administration room adds visual appeal and continuous space cleansing.


Though Jade is the furthest room of the FBU campus from the cell phone towers, the reverberation through the steel frame creates a chaotic etheric environment unique to itself. Combined with loud 50hz and 60hz hums, this room is the initial candidate for Solfeggio modulation and the first room for customized remodeling. Exposed metal overhead can be covered, hard corners curved by cove trim, natural lighting emphasized and enhanced. Furniture swap will greatly harmonize the space.

Dragon Tiger

Upstairs rooms require detailed customization as they are situated just a few feet from the cell phone towers. Shielding paint and fabric lining each wall is vitally important. Dowsing by an electrically sensitive team will be necessary for the most efficient grid installation. A fountain placed in the hallway offers continuous space cleansing.

Bamboo Lotus

The most commonly used classrooms, located very near the cell phone towers. Orgonite and filters ground EMF along walls, while crystals amplify ambient coherence. This space is a candidate for complete overhaul including LED lighting, Solfeggio frequency modulation, full furniture swap and altar installation. Large Thangkas on walls provide beautiful art as well as coherent energetic amplification. Shielding paint and fabric will greatly benefit the space.


This room is the least influenced by the etheric destabilization of the cell phone towers of all Five Branches spaces. Aesthetic improvements and emphasis placed on crystals will increase coherent energetics. This room has no natural lighting and may be the most logical candidate to experiment with upgraded LED lighting and Solfeggio frequency modulation before campus-wide implementation.


Bathrooms will require orgonite, crystals, air purifiers and Stetzer filters. Bathrooms are occupied far less than most spaces of the campus and will receive minimal modifications.

Student Lounge

Located directly below cell phone towers. Large amounts of orgonite and EMF shielding to be installed here. Altars add vital refinements. Potentially a storage area for crystals. Already there exist glass cases for storage. Additional cases can be built.

XI. San Jose Campus

The first phase of electromagnetic filter and orgonite installation is designed to be easily adaptable and sufficiently ground and neutralize dirty energy at the San Jose campus.

There are wireless communication antennas including cell phone towers on top of the San Jose campus. The cell phone towers are located on the roof of the main downtown office building. Classes occur a few floors beneath the roof where the towers are located. There are also cell phone towers approximately 350 feet from the campus across from Interstate 280.

The electromagnetic pollution of the cell towers on the roof is significantly dampened before it reaches the 4th, 5th & 6th floors. Much of the campus is situated adjacent to the cell phone towers in an annex next to the main office building. The harmful impact from the cell phone towers is less than the Santa Cruz campus and requires a less sophisticated solution at this time.

To implement the basic solution costs the school approximately $7000, requiring an installation period of two days. An estimated 100 electromagnetic filters and 300 pieces of orgonite are sufficient to harmonize etheric chaos in the San Jose Campus.

Upon installation of orgonite and filters, potential improvements to the campus include a customized crystal grid, clinic room shielding, air purification, Solfeggio modulation, improvements to lighting and the installation of altars. Additionally, fountains in heavily trafficked areas offer subtle refinements to the campus and a swap of furniture will yield etheric improvements. The building is owned by a different entity than the Santa Cruz campus and requires a unique agreement to itself if there are to be improvements to the clinic space. The simple solution of electromagnetic filters and orgonite does not require special agreements between landlord-tenant. All materials are to be property of the school.

XII. Funding

Originally efforts to implement a solution to remedy the contaminated building started in 2010 during student council meetings. These efforts attempted to allocate funds for electromagnetic filters and orgonite on a small scale. This did not come to be.

For a most successful solution, the scale of the project is much larger than what student council budgets can provide, requiring substantial funding, strategic planning and expertise.

It defies logic for the financial aspect of the project to be sourced by students and faculty.

The building stands to increase in value substantially from the implementation of the feng shui project. The materials to be placed throughout the building are valuable to Chinese medicine and can be property of the school for learning and healing purposes.

The proposed solution, the scenario discussed in this proposal is for Five Branches University and the building owner to share financial obligations.

First wave of enhancements estimated cost: $28,500
Second wave of enhancements estimated cost: $40,000
San Jose campus enhancements estimated cost: $7,000

Proposed distribution of funding:

First wave:

Building owner: $10,000 (Dampening shield, Shielding paint in herb room/clinic)
Five Branches: $18,500 (Filters, Orgonite, Crystals)

Second wave:

Building owner: $20,000
Five Branches: $20,000

The first wave of enhancements primarily introduces objects that are to be property of the school. Shielding on the second floor and the Faraday shield on rooftop are to become property of the building owner.

The second wave of enhancements require precise calculations to determine who benefits from each improvement. It is estimated that about half of the second wave directly benefits the university and half directly benefits the property value.

The Three Pure Ones

XIII. Politics and Press

The present scenario; a chaotic energetic environment inside a medical school building exposes the issue as to who is responsible for allowing such an environment.

Building owner David Cury signed contracts with cellular providers many years ago. Ultimately Mr. Cury is the one responsible for subjecting his tenants to a contaminated, carcinogenic and unsafe building.

From a capitalist perspective it is a wise business decision to allow eight cell phone base stations on the roof of the building to add passive revenue streams in the amount of $1000 to $2000/month per tower. However, from an ethical perspective, this is a violation of public safety.

It is likely that upon close examination of the contract between Five Branches University and David Cury that there has been a breach of agreement by exposing tenants to harmful 24 hour a day radiation.

According to California law “A landlord with 10 or more employees must disclose the existence of known carcinogenic material (for example, asbestos) to prospective tenants.”25

Furthermore, new students continue to commit themselves to an intense course of study, hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and thousands of hours inside an unsafe building with no prior disclosure of the existence of the cell phone towers in their immediate proximity.

Five Branches administration has failed to disclose the fact that there is a plethora of evidence showing close range exposure to cell phone tower base stations is highly carcinogenic, stresses immune function and proven to cause a host of disharmonies from migraines to digestive disorders to brain tumors.

A release of liability waiver signed by students, faculty and patients acknowledging exposure to a contaminated environment would shield administration from accountability.

This is akin to warning signs and waivers such as those signed by tenants who occupy buildings known to contain lead or asbestos.

As there is no such disclosure, mention or waiver of liability shared with students, faculty and patients, administration and the builder owner are both responsible for exposing people to an unsafe environment.

The feng shui grid project offers a solution to reduce the harmful influence of the cell phone towers without damaging the integrity of the school.

Transparency and acknowledgement of the existence of the cell phone towers for future students is highly encouraged.

Upon completion of the project, an addendum can be included with admissions paperwork that a measurable reduction in carcinogenic exposure by a deliberately placed grid of harmonizing materials is installed. Incoming students can acknowledge this in a waiver of liability.

By sharing the costs to implement the feng shui grid between building owner Dave Cury and Five Branches University, both stand to benefit from the final product.

Five Branches University establishes a foundation for mineral and sound healing expansion to curriculum. Five Branches owns feng shui objects directly attributed to the grid rather than construction improvements.

Healing minerals are readily available to utilize in classroom and clinic settings.

Harmful influence from the cell phone towers is minimized.

The value of the building is substantially increased by the project. This encourages the building owner to pay for costs directly attributed to the building, understanding the value is recuperated by improvements to the property.

The feng shui grid project offers a win-win-win solution to the enigma of purifying the space of a harmful building without anyone being held responsible for allowing the building to be contaminated.

Upon completion the project may serve as a template for buildings facing similar scenarios of carcinogenic pollution.

XIV. Just Compensation

Upon entering a course of study at Five Branches University the fact that cell phone towers mounted on the rooftop less than ten feet away from classrooms was not presented. Learning of the existence of the cell phone towers after already committing to the school put me in a predicament.

Understanding that the primary cause of the array of health problems during my attendance was due to the existence of the cell phone towers on the building lead to thousands of hours of research to learn how to fix the problem. This included avoiding the building to heal from exposure to the contaminated environment.

After many hours of meditation and deliberation I have determined the win-win-win scenario for all involved in this calamity is to implement the feng shui project as soon as possible.

The building owner pays a share and in return the increase in property value will meet or exceed his investment.

The school pays a share, in return the school receives a large quantity of minerals and sound healing objects. The supplies will be property of the school, offering a foundation to enrich the lives of all who enter the program through two important ancient Chinese modalities virtually absent from the curriculum; minerals and sound healing.

Once the project is implemented and the ethereal environment of the building is clean, I anticipate being able to study at the Santa Cruz campus, en route to complete the program as originally intended and to become a licensed acupuncturist.

Upon completion of the feng shui grid project, students, faculty and patients will enjoy a building environment that is comfortable to be in and aesthetically pleasing.

Ease of implementation of the project requires someone to manage the operation. Dr. Chad plans to lead the project through each phase until satisfactorily complete and is to receive compensation to be determined. Tasks include acquiring materials, delegation and management of installation, application and integration of each enhancement and mathematical calculations of coherence to strategize most efficient execution of the project.

The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya at Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado.

XV. Summary

True magic is nature unimpeded. The greek letter phi is a symbol showing the perfect ratio to translate vorticity between a circle and a line – nature unimpeded.

Upon successful application of feng shui, wave symmetries of sound and electrical charge achieve balance with no energy loss, yielding perfected charge distribution in electrical environments and living organisms.

The words phi and cycle define the word physical. The true nature of humanity is to live with an open heart, yielding DNA to rotate and cascade as a toris on sine waves oscillating at golden mean ratio (phi-cycle). Simply put: life generating physical (phi-cycle) manifestations are the result of golden mean ratio.

The human heart is designed to act as a self-sustainable imploding fractal, yielding electromagnetic spin cycles towards perfect harmonic compression. Early 21st century humans live in a sea of silent carcinogenic exposure, however, this does not mean we cannot build strong energy bodies. An important task and arguably the point of life is to grow strong, healthy, vibrant, expansive rainbow auras.26 Completion of this project is likely to yield tremendous shifts in energy levels, immune function, concentration, retention of information, easeful auric body expansion and well-being for all who enter the building.

26 Aura – A field of qi surrounding the physical body. First line of defense against pathogenic invasion. Also known as a wei qi field in Chinese medicine. The word aura originates from the constellation orion. There is a correlation between aura and gold (Au), Aura-an, An being the word for heart in many languages including Chinese and Hebrew.

XVI. References

Governments and Organizations Bans and Warnings About Wireless Technology27

1993: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The FCC’s exposure standards are “seriously flawed.”
Official comments to the FCC on guidelines for evaluation of electromagnetic effects of radio frequency radiation, FCC Docket ET 93-62, November 9, 1993.
Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview

1993: Food and Drug Administration (FDA): “FCC rules do not address the issue of long-term, chronic exposure to RF fields.” Comments of the FDA to the FCC, November 10, 1993.

1993: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):The FCC’s standard is inadequate because it “is based on only one dominant mechanism—adverse health effects caused by body heating.”
Comments of NIOSH to the FCC, January 11, 1994.

1994: Amateur Radio Relay League Bio-Effects Committee: “The FCC’s standard does not protect against non-thermal effects.” Comments of the ARRL Bio-Effects Committee to the FCC, January 7, 1994.

2000: UK Department of Education: Children under 16 should not use cell phones except in an emergency.

2002: Interdisciplinary Society for Environmental Medicine (3000 physicians in Germany) recommends banning cell phone use by children and banning cell phones and cordless phones in preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, events halls, public buildings and vehicles.

2003: American Bird Conservancy and Forest Conservation Council:Brought a lawsuit against the FCC because millions of migratory birds were being disoriented by microwave radiation and crashing into cell towers.

2004: International Association of Fire Fighters opposes communication antennas on fire stations.

2005: Salzburg, Austria’s Public Health Department bans WLAN and DECT phones in public schools.

August 2005: Austrian Medical Association: Warns against Wi-Fi, cordless phones, and cell phone use by children.

August 2005: Vienna Medical Association warns against Wi-Fi, and cell phone use by children up to age 16.

2006: Frankfurt, Germany’s government states it will not install WiFi in its schools until it has been shown to be harmless.

2006: UK schools remove their wireless networks: Prebandal Preparatory School, Chichester, West Sussex; Ysgol Pantycelyn School in Carmarthenshirem, Wales; and Stowe School, in Buckinghamshire, England. London Times, November 20, 2006.

September 2006 - A group of thirty Physicists, Doctors, Professors, Union Reps and Politicians meeting in Italy released the Benvenuto Resolution that confidently stated: “We take exception to the claim of the wireless communication industry that there is no credible scientific evidence to conclude there a is risk. New standards should be developed to take various physiological conditions into consideration, e.g., pregnancy, newborns, children, and elderly people.”

2007: Ballinderry Primary School, Ireland: Removed Wi-Fi to protect young children.

2007 Bavaria, Germany’s Parliament recommends against Wi-Fi in schools.

2007 Australian Democrats: The “explosion in wireless communications technology” is causing widespread illness.

2007: European Environmental Agency, Europe’s top environmental watchdog, calls for immediate action to reduce exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and their masts.

August 2007 - The BioInitiative Group, of 20 Scientists, doctors and professors release their 610 page reportwarning that the effects of prolonged exposure of radio frequencies (ie. WiFi) on children is unknown and there cannot be declared safe. The report concludes that, “This could have serious implications to adult health and functioning in society if years of exposure of the young to Radio Frequencies result in diminished capacity for thinking, judgement, memory, learning, and control over behavior.”

2007: Therold, Ontario closes down its citywide Wi-Fi pilot scheme.

November 2007 - Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer of Health recommends Health Canada’s Safety levels for microwave exposure be lowered by a factor 100X.

2008: International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (comprised of scientists from 16 nations): Recommends limiting cell phone use by children, teenagers, pregnant women and the elderly.

2008: Lakehead University, Ontario bans Wi-Fi on campus.

2008: Madhya Pradesh, India: Bans cell phones in schools by both students and teachers.

2008: National Library of France: Removes Wi-Fi because of health concerns and limits installation to cable connections.

2008: Paris, France removes Wi-Fi from four public libraries because of health concerns.

2008 Sainte-Geneviève University, Paris: Removes Wi-Fi from its library because of health concerns.

2008: Progressive Librarians Guild recommends against wireless technology in libraries.

2008: Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection warns that cell phones are unsafe even for short conversations. Children under 16, pregnant women, epileptics, and people with memory loss, sleep disorders and neurological diseases should never use cell phones.

2008 Sebastopol, California: Reneges on its contract to install citywide Wi-Fi.

2008: University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute: Children should never use a cell phone except in an emergency.

2008: Voice (UK Teachers Union) calls for a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.

November 2008 - The European Parliament votes almost unanimously (522 to 16) to urge Cabinet Ministers across Europe to introduce stricter regulations for microwave exposure. Russian Ministry of Health issued guidelines stating that youth under 18 should not use cell phones.

January 2009 - French National Government announces it will tighten safety regulations for cell phones and children.

2009: Hérouville Saint-Clair, France: Bans Wi-Fi in public schools.

2009: Irish Doctors Environmental Association: Warns that current safety guidelines are “not appropriate.”

2009: Karnataka State, India: Bans cell phones in all schools and pre-university colleges.

May 2009: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service urges Congress to focus on the potential connection between electromagnetic fields and “Bee Colony Collapse”.

July 2009 – Dr. Magda Havas PhD., Professor at Trent University issues a statement “It is irresponsible to introduce Wi-Fi microwave radiation into a school environment where young children and school employees spend hours each day.”

October 2009 - The U.S. government releases classified military documents on the biological effects of Microwave Radiation from 1971. The detailed report by the Naval Medical Research Institute lists hundreds of papers from around the world showing that microwave radiation causes biological changes. The report was declassified in 2009.

October 2009 - U.S. Government, National Institutes of Health, released a stem cell study linking microwave from carrier frequencies like cell phones and WiFi, to leukemia and cancer especially among children.

April 27-29, 2010 - Canadian Government’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health heard two days of testimony including international scientists calling for people to stop exposing children to microwaves from systems such as cell phones, cell towers and unnecessary WiFi transmitters in schools.

November, 2010 - National Research Council Press reports that many Canadians are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in its journal Environmental Review. It concludes that a new biologically based guideline is needed, instead of the dangerous, outdated thermal guideline. Click study: Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays.

December, 2010: French Parliament passes a law prohibiting advertising cell phones to children under 14; prohibits children up to age 14 from using cell phones in pre-schools and public schools; requires cell phones to be labeled with SAR values and a recommendation to use headsets.

February, 2011 - Scientists at the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. discover that microwaves emitted by cell phones cause changes in the brain. These biological changes are well below the “thermal level”.

February, 2011 - Scientific Panel concludes that standards for WiFi and other wireless devices are “entirely inadequate” and “strongly recommends that schools do not install wireless Internet connections that create pervasive and prolonged EMF exposures for children.”

May, 2011 - The influential Council of Europe recommends WiFi be banned from schools. The Council of Europe has 47 member states and is highly influential in policy-making.

May, 2011 - World Health Organization (WHO) reclassifies microwave radiation from wireless communication devices and mobile phones as classification Class 2B “possible carcinogen.” This is the same class as lead, DDT and car exhaust.

May 27, 2011: Council of Europe passes a resolution recommending wired Internet connections in schools, and the creation of radiation-free zones to protect electrosensitive people.

August 30, 2011: The Israeli Ministry of Education publishes guidelines strictly limiting the use of mobile phones on all school grounds, citing children’s and youths’ increased risk of malignant tumors and the “passive exposure” experienced by children who do not use phones.

September 8, 2011: Pretty River Academy in Collingwood, Ontario removes WiFi from campus as a precaution, joining Roots and Wings Montessori school in Surrey, British Columbia.;

Feb 13, 2012: Citing safety concerns, the Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association representing 45,000 teachers, is calling for a ban on new Wi-Fi installations in the province’s 1,400-plus Catholic schools and advocating that computers in all new schools should be hardwired as well.

March, 2012: the Austrian Medical Association (ÖAK) releases guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of health problems caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields.

June 19, 2012: The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has officially recommended that WiFi not be used in schools.

25 Aug 2012: Israeli Minister of Health Rabi Yaakov Litzman states that he supports calls to action for a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.

EMF exposures destroy health and well-being, claims panel of top international scientists – August 10, 2013

Acupuncture Today: Cell Phones Guilty Until Proven Innocent

San Diego State University Brain Cancer Clusters Near 3 Mobile Phone Towers 2011

1990: Ohio Dairy Farmer abandons and refuses to resell 160 acre property after cell towers 800 feet away cause tumor growth in cows, birth defects in goats, hen eggs not to hatch and health problems in children

Health Effects from Cell Phone Tower Radiation – Karen Rogers

Resolutions, Research & News

Porto Alegre Resolution 2009:
Venice Italy Resolution 2008:
London Resolution 2007:
Benevento Italy Resolution 2006:
Catania Italy 2002:
Salzburg Austria Resolution 2000:
Vienna resolution 1998:

Bioinitiative Report:

Bioinitiative Report video with co-author Cindy Sage:

Brussels determines new EMR safety standard of 3 volts per meter:

2009: The European Parliament passed the EMF Resolution calling for caution on the use and expansion of electromagnetic fields, particularly radio frequency exposure from wireless technologies. The resolution was endorsed by an overwhelming margin of 559 members in favor, 22 opposed, and 8 abstaining. The EP calls on member states to follow the example of Sweden to recognize ES as a disability and grant adequate protection as well as equal opportunities.

French Health and Security Agency (Afsset) recommend reducing exposure to mobile phones and other portable wireless devices. OCT 2009

Communities for for setback regulations of cell phone towers proximity to schools and day cares:

Greenwich, CT generated a bill to require a 750 square setback of cell towers from schools and daycare facilities.

The Connecticut PTA passed a resolution in 2003 that supports legislation calling for a 1500 feet setback from a school or day care and a cell phone tower.

The town of Bar Harbor, Maine includes in its communication tower ordinance a provision for a 1500 feet setback for cell towers near schools and day care facilities.

(USA) NIEHS and NIOSH classifies EMF’s as a hazardous substance. NIEHS advocates prudent avoidance of EMF’s.

Prudent avoidance has been adopted in Australia, Sweden, and several U.S. states, including California, Colorado, Hawaii, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin:

Collaborative on Health and the Environment CHE EMF statement:

California EMF program 7 million dollar gov’t mandated study. up to 95% certainty leukemia caused by EMF’s. Up to 80% certainty brain cancer related to EMF’s. Advocate prudent avoidance of EMF’s.

2009 Counties of LA (CA), Pima (AZ) City of Portland Oregon, Cities of Sebastopol, Albany and Glendale CA pass resolutions requesting the federal government repeal section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.and/or requesting the FCC to update RF studies:

Chinese breakthrough study how EMFs promote childhood leukemia:

European Union adopts ALDE report advising the precautionary principle for EMF’s:[tt_news]=9559&cHash=2fec11e0cc

USA, NJ. Sussex County school to close due to unsafe power lines near playground:

Germany 2002: Freiberger Appeal signed by 30,000 doctors:

2005 Ireland IDEA Irish doctors concern over EMR health effects:

Switzerland: Dr. Rau Paracelsus Health Clinic : treats 10,000 people annually. They assess health in light of EMF exposure. Although health issues are multi factorial, his assessment is EMFs are a hidden factor in many illnesses:

Cell-Phone Towers and Communities: The Struggle for Local Control B. Blake Levitt:

2009 Botswana Africa: A controversial cell phone tower erected on the royal Phuthadikobo Hill has been destroyed by the villagers:

UK EM Radiation Research Trustee Eileen O’Connor Report on base stations:

2009 USA CA. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a local government’s authority to deny antennas in public rights-of-way for aesthetic reasons. The case is Sprint PCS Assets, L.L.C. v. City of Palos Verdes Estates:,0,5439620.story

2009 Huntington Beach California: City leaders vote to move controversial cell phone tower:

International Association of Firefighters moratorium of cell tower siting on Fire stations:

Australian Democrats “Demand crackdown on mobile phone towers”:

The American Bird Conservancy, Forest Conservation Council and Friends of the Earth brought a lawsuit against the FCC http://www.foe.organd the Federal Court Ordered Cell Tower Safeguards for Migrating Birds:

Israel bans antennas on residences:

Portugal opposes Cell tower:

Taiwan removes 1500 cell towers near schools:

Ukiah CA. rejects cell tower:

USA: Two radio towers in Washington State toppled:

Panama: Companies in need of antennas must share structures to hold them:

West Lin-Wilsonville School Board in Oregon Prohibits Cell Towers on and adjacent to school property

New Zealand citizens video appeal to Government (opposing cell towers):

Los Angeles unified school district policy restricts cell sites on LA USD property and requires new schools to avoid siting near cell sites: 

2009 Los Angeles Unified School District adopted a resolution that includes a statement in favor of repealing the Telecommunication Act of 1996′s preemption of consideration of health and environmental effects of wireless facilities.

Overloading of Towns and Cities with Radio Transmitters (Cellular Transmitter): a hazard for the human health and a disturbance of eco-ethics by Karl Hecht, Elena N. Savoley:

Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center: Health effects from cell tower radiation:

Radiation from Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick — Are You at Risk? – Dr. Mercola–are-you-at-risk.aspx

Organic Consumers Association:

The Canadian Public Health Officer, David Butler-Jones, advised Canadians to limit their and their children’s use of cell phones until science resolves uncertainties about long term health effects:

England:2000, the UK Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones chaired by Sir William Stewart, reports that “a precautionary approach be adopted until more robust scientific information becomes available.”

UK Health protection advises children under 16 to limit their use of mobile phone:

India: limit cell phone use for youth under 16:

Israel: Health Ministry calls for parents to limits kids cell phone use:

India: ban on children and pregnant women in TV ads for cell phones:

2004, the European Union’s EMF REFLEX Research Project is released, showing that mobile phone radiation (radio frequency radiation) damages DNA in human cells.

Madhya Pradesh, India: Bans cell phones in schools:

French Ministry of Health cell phone warning:

Proposed Playground Cell Tower Nixed By Effective Public Education Campaign In North Idaho

Canada, Toronto Public Health is advising children and teens to limit the time they spend on cellphones until more is known about potential health effects. Toronto Star, Ontario.

USA: July 2008 University of Pittsburg’s Cancer Intestine Dr. Ron Herberman’s memo to staff / Cell phone warning:

USA September 2008 Rep. Dennis Kucinich holds Congressional Hearing on Cell Phone Health Effects:

The Belgian Foundation against Cancer ( issued a warning concerning mobile phone use:

Finland: The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has recommended restricting the use of mobile phones by children:

Australia: Government announces multi-million dollar research into possible health effects of mobile phones Sep 2013

Mobile phones to be banned in French primary schools to limit health risks:

Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer five fold’:

(England) The truth about Mobile Phones and WiFi Dr Andrew Goldsworthy 2007:

“Cell Phones and Brain Tumors” 15 reasons for concern:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) who works to protect children and kids from toxic chemicals in our food, water, air, and the products we use every day, released a 40 page report titled: “Cell Phone Radiation-Science Review on Cancer Risks and Children’s Health”

The FCC advice to consumers about the use of cell phones:

Time magazine: How Safe is Your Cell Phone?:,9171,1969732,00.html

Up to 10 Moorpark teenagers diagnosed with brain tumors, December 3, 2013

Warning, Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health: GQ Magazine:

National Toxicology Program NTP- RF study:

US Access Board: Report on Indoor Environmental Quality Released:

Dr. Christine Aschermann: Observations from a Psychotherapy Practice on Mobile Telecommunications and DECT Telephones:

France Eco village white zone for EHS recovery:

2008: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Wikipedia:

Sweden: FEB Electrosensitivity:

The City of Colwood, BC Canada has declared August 2009 Electromagnetic Sensitivity Awareness month:

USA, Connecticut and Colorado Governors and Mayor of Broward County declare Proclamations: May 2009 Electromagnetic Sensitivity Awareness Month:

The Mayor of Norris Arm, Newfoundland proclaimed October 2009 ”Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Awareness Month”:

Netherlands Electrohypersensitivity Questionnaire Survey Results:

Dutch EHS Foundation:

Canada: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News:

Spain: children treated for cell phone addiction:

US: Cell Phone Radiation & Breast Cancer Link: New Study Raises Grave Concerns, November 27, 2013

Cell Towers and Wireless Communications – Living with Radio Frequency Radiation, Angela Flynn


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